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Walk Two Moons Essay | Essay

Walk Two Moons

❶Sal also believed this.

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Moreover, her alliance with Phoebe has taught Sal about her own mother and the complexity of emotions she experienced before her departure.

Part of Sal's refusal to move on and let go of her memories of her mother stemmed from her urge to idealize her mother and to blame her father and herself for not doing more to stop her mother from leaving. Winterbottom's transformation teaches Sal that mothers, too, are people who struggle to define themselves in a way that feels true and to honor competing loyalties and emotions.

These realizations, perhaps the most important in the book, not only allow Sal to make amends with Margaret Cadaver, but give her the strength to embark upon her journey and face its challenges. Why are the Winterbottoms so unhappy? Winterbottom's return change them? Why do you think so? Socially constructed roles and concerns confine the Winterbottoms. Winterbottom is a stereotypically distant, upright, breadwinning father, Mrs. Winterbottom is a dutiful and powerless housewife, and Phoebe and Prudence, severely confined by what they perceive to be "proper" and "normal," are typical teenage girls, selfish and thoughtless, worried about gaining weight and making the cheerleading squad.

The four, so caught up in their own concerns, rarely seem to connect with each other except in moments of anger and criticism. Winterbottom, especially, attempts, by performing her duties so faithfully, to communicate her love for her family, but her family, by and large, takes her work for granted and does not see it as an expression of love.

Winterbottom leaves, her family realizes for the first time how integral her work was to their everyday lives. The family grows increasingly desperate as the days pass, and by the time Mrs. Winterbottom returns, this fear has catalyzed a desire to communicate with her genuinely: Winterbottom, who dismisses Mrs. There's Sal's love for her mother which is mixed with anger, too. There's the love between Sal's parents. There's Sal and Ben's new lo The protagonist of Walk Two Moons, Sal, is full of fears, but she doesn't always tell people about them.

Instead, she keeps her fears bottled up inside until they're just about to burst. At times we see aspects and landmarks of America that make us Many characters in Walk Two Moons have a lot of awe and respect for Nature. Nature is their means of connecting to their spiritual selves, to something greater than themselves. Most of this "prediction" was from Pheobe, who describes her voice as "dead leaves". Cadaver gets a shiny new axe, it only reinforced the idea that Mrs.

Cadaver is so evil. After hearing this, Sal starts to believe Pheobes predictions more and more. Those are some things that Sal and Pheobe think about Mrs. Later in the book, Sal and Pheobe discover who Mrs. They learn that her husband was killed in a car crash, and her mother, Mrs.

Patridge, lost her sight. Cadaver was a nurse, and she was on duty when the car crash happened. She was trying to save her husband when he died. They also learned that Mr. Birkway, who was their English teacher at school, was Mrs. Finally, Sal speaks to Mrs. Cadaver herself all the past details were explained by Mr.

Birkway and learns that her mother died in a bus accident in Lewiston, Idaho in the mountains. Cadaver was sitting next to Sal's mom when she died, and she was the only survivor. Another one of the characters that Sal learns about in this story is Mike Bickle, or as viewed in the beginning of the story as a "potential lunatic". This all starts when an unknown teenager knocks on the door of Pheobe's house. Sal was over at the time, so she saw him too.

He asked for Pheobe's mother. Pheobe told him that she was unavailable at the moment, so he walked away. Afterward Pheobe explained how this teenager could be a "lunatic" who is trying to kill her family.

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Aug 28,  · The plot of Walk Two Moons is driven by coincidence and chance. Does Creech rely too heavily on coincidence and chance to make her plot turn out the way it does? Does Creech rely too heavily on coincidence and chance to make her plot turn out the way it does?

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Summary: Essay analyzes the novel "Walk Two Moons" by Sharon Creech, which is about a young girls struggle and trying to deal with the loss of her mother. The book I read Walk Two Moons is about a thirteen year old girl named Salamanca Tree Hiddle who is . In Sharon Creech’s realistic fiction novel, Walk Two Moons, Salamanca Tree Hiddle is trying to find the answers to her mother’s tragic death. Throughout the story many characters exemplify the importance of friendship, including Salamanca, her friend, Phoebe Winterbottom, and Sal’s Gramps.4/5(1).