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Sex education research paper: what to mention

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❶The feeling that sex education classes are influencing teenagers to have sex is a feeling that is shared by William Kilpatrick. The moment comes, when you need to enter a university and get a higher education.

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Sex education minimizing STDs is something that should be mentioned in the paper. This is an actual fact, and this supports the relevance of this class in the public school system For an opposition point of the minimization of STDs you can also point out what opposers say about sex education and it encouraging younger individuals to partake in sexual intercourse.

What types of topics are covered in a sex education class other than STDs? Are these things important for someone to know? Is there another source of information for teenagers, other than through friends?

Hormonal and physical changes in the body begin without warning and a child needs to know why these changes are occurring. Students are taught about the anatomy of the human body and how and why it works the way it does.

Knowing and understanding how a persons body works is a fundamental part of any persons life, and the ability to gain this knowledge should not be ignored.

With teenage pregnancy rates higher than ever, and the imminent threat of the contraction of STD's, such as HIV, the role of sex education in the school is of greater importance now than ever before.

At the beginning of puberty, hormones start raging and all teenagers begin to experience sexual urges. It's not something anyone, including a parent or teacher, can control.

It's a natural function of the body and has been since the beginning of time. With this hormone rush comes experimentation among teenagers. They begin to explore their bodies along with the bodies of other people. If students are having sex they might as well do it the safe way. It's a way for schools to show that they actually care," says Shauna Ling-Choung Richardson.

Students need the support from schools to know they have somewhere to go for the good or bad. With sex education classes the students are taught about various methods of contraception, including abstinence. By teaching the students about the many types of contraception, the chance of contraceptives being used is greatly increased.

Many schools have recently begun programs to distribute condoms to students in their schools in order to hopefully increase the use of condoms.

A recent study shows that the availability of condoms in schools did in fact increase condom use. Condom access is a "low-cost harmless addition" to our current sex education programs Richardson. When thinking of sex education for our children, the saying - "better safe than sorry", should immediately come to mind. Along with teaching contraceptives to students, the vital information of STD's are also taught.

Currently, out of all age groups, teenagers have the highest rates of sexually transmitted diseases, with one in four young people contracting an STD by the age of twenty-one DeCarlo.

Teachers are able to educate students with the correct information on the many types of sexually transmitted diseases that exist in the world today. False information about ways of contracting diseases, symptoms of, and treatments of STDs, and preventative measures are weeded out. Then students receive the accurate information about sexually transmitted diseases. Protection of our children from sexually transmitted diseases should start in the classroom where it can be assured that the correct and critical information will be provided to them.

Nobody likes to be talked to like they are a child, and by denying teenagers sexual education, schools are, in a sense, talking down to them. By teaching them the facts about sex, teenagers feel a sense of maturity because it's a mature topic and they are fully aware of that. Students get the feeling that the adults in their lives feel that they are responsible enough to learn about this topic, therefore bringing on more of a response from teenagers.

They know they are being treated as adults so they are going to pay attention to what they are being taught and then act as adults and carry out what they were taught. Teenagers appreciate when adults treat them as equals, and anyone will see that children will always respond better to this than to being treated as a child.

Much of the typical family structure in the United States and many other places in the world have deteriorated over the last century. A good portion of parents today are divorced, and many of the families that haven't experienced divorce live with both parents working full time jobs.

Families today aren't like the family on "Leave It to Beaver," a sitcom that aired in the sixties; the mother isn't home all day baking and making sure that the house is clean. Since family structure has changed, so have the way children are being raised. Society can not count on all parents to instill morals into their children and teach them the facts of life, or even the difference between right and wrong these days. Parents just don't have the time for it. Recently the Vatican released a document stating that "parents alone cannot give children the positive sex education they need to develop healthy attitudes towards sex" Euchner.

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