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In, there was a first demonstration of the offensive style for setting and spiking. The need for development of rules also resulted in the formation of the United States Volleyball Association. As we know, for any game to be fun and enjoyable, the game must have rules which the players should adhere to. The game of Volleyball is no exception as the first rule concerns the field of play. The place where the game is played is known as a Volleyball court which is 18 meters long by 9 metes wide.

It is divided into two nine meter halves, and a one meter wide net is used in the division of the halves. The marking of the court also sets the way the players are supposed to play.

The court is divided into a "back court" and a "front row" which are again divided into three areas each. The players keep rotating in the court according to the number which a player held initially. The rules of the game also specify the shape of the ball and material from which it should be made from. The ball is supposed to be of a 67 cm circumference and weighing between and g.

In addition, the ball is should be spherical and made from synthetic leather or just leather. The rules stipulate that each team should comprise of six players. A coin is tossed to determine which team gets to serve the ball first. The ball is served so as it; lands on the opposing team's side of the court and the players on that side are supposed to prevent it from landing down or grounded on their side.

The ball is supposed to be returned from the side it came from with no more than three contacts on it. The three contacts are usually referred to as a pass, a set, and the final touch is the attack. This forces the team which is on defence, to try and prevent the ball from been rallied onto their side. The players do this by trying to block the ball, but if the ball flies past them, the other players on the team focuus on controlling the ball so that it is rallied back to the other side before it touches the ground on their side.

While attending Springfield, Morgan met James Naismith who invented basketball in Since Morgan was the Director he was allowed to devise workout plans and teach sports in depth to the young male adults.

William Morgan saw basketball as extremely physically demanding, because you had to constantly run up and down the court.

He also borrowed ideas from a few different sports, such as tennis, handball, baseball, and badminton to make volleyball. He used the inside of a basketball as the first volleyball. In the original rules, the net would be 6 ft. It would have a court that was 25 ft. It had two teams of any number of players, because he wanted it to accommodate differing sized groups.

Each match consisted of nine innings. Each team could serve three times per inning. There was no limit to the number of times each team could contact a ball before volleying it back to the other team. Each server was allowed two tries to get the ball over the net. A point would be awarded to the other team if the ball hit the net, except in the case of a faulty first serve, if the ball failed to be served back to the other side before hitting the ground; or if the ball was hit outside of the court by the team that had just returned it over the net.

One of the spectators of this exhibition match, Dr. Volleyball was originally two words until , when it was officially changed to one word because the game primarily consisted of volleying a ball back and forth. Morgan liked the new name and so re-named the sport. Volleyball received an unexpected boost with the outbreak of WWI.

Thousands of balls, nets, and rulebooks were distributed to U. By the end of the war, the game had traveled with the army to France, Italy, and Egypt.

It was especially well received in Eastern European countries where long, harsh winters made indoor sports attractive. Within a few years, Russians had claimed the sport as their own. The sport became so popular in the Soviet Union that within a decade over , people played the game. One match was played on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater. World War II continued the global spread of volleyball. It pushes me to keep on trying so that I can get everything right. You need to devote most of your time and energy.

The first year that I tried out for the school team, I thought that volleyball was just a little gym game we played in elementary and middle school with the colorful beach balls and the tiny, worn out, badminton nets.

Although, looking back, I can see that I failed horribly. I, like many other people do, did not understand how hard volleyball actually is. I did not understand that you need to be loud and aggressive. I was a quiet little sixth grader with few friends and not very sporty.

This caused a problem for me. I was determined to learn more about volleyball and hopefully tryout again before I was out of middle school. I went to my mom for help. She had played volleyball when she was in high school and in college so I figured she could teach me, and she did.

We would pass the ball back and forth during the summer and a couple weeks before school started in seventh grade she asked me if I was going to tryout. When I had finally tried out again I was in eighth grade. I tried to convince myself that I would, instead, just try in high school, but I knew that I would regret it. I tried out and made it on the B- Team. I know now what I was missing that first year trying out.

I did not have the understanding that volleyball was way more than a sport you can learn overnight. I am still learning new things. Being a team is something that I have only had the chance to be apart of only once during my volleyball seasons.

Yes, I have been on a team but not one that acted like it. Only on my club teams have we all been friends when playing. When we all get along it makes the game so much easier. We can communicate much better. And communication in volleyball is crucial. I never realized how much volleyball actually meant to me before freshman year. Just the thought gives me bad memories already, and I am only halfway through.

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Volleyball Essay Volleyball has come a long way from the dusty-old YMCA gymnasium of Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA, where the visionary William G. Morgan invented the sport back in It has seen the start of two centuries and the dawn of a new millennium.

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Volleyball is a great sport and let me tell you why. Many sports you may be familiar with have a certain playing field to them. Basketball has a basketball court, and baseball has a baseball diamond, and bowling has a bowling alley, and well you get the idea.

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Volleyball is my way of life. It is my way to calm down after a hard day at school. It’s mine. Mine, to escape, the stress of life, the stress of school, the stress of family, just to escape. It’s mine, to take out my aggression on the world, to be loud and aggressive. In this essay I will evaluate my volleyball ability and the feedback techniques that were displayed by my physical education teacher. Throughout the unit I made a four week journal to record the type of practice, feedback from game play and training.

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Types of Volleyball Practice • massed practice and distributed practice • whole practice and part practice • blocked practice and random practice • varied and constant practice • drill and problem solving Massed Practice; is a training routine in which a skill is practised continuously and consistently. This essay gives insight into how the rules of physics can be used and are essential in the game of volleyball in all aspects of the game including serving, passing, setting, hitting, and blocking. Volleyball is a game of constant projectile motion with various.