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The Difference Between Discursive & Argumentative Essays

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❶Knowing in advance which points you will discuss will help during the actual writing process.

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Tips on discursive essay writing
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The joints in rabbit legs are inflamed with chemicals to help research in rheumatism. These tests do not always work because animals do not react to drugs in the same way as humans.

Aspirin, for example, damages pregnant mice and dogs, but not pregnant women. Arsenic, which is a deadly poison for humans, has no effect on sheep, while penicillin, which is so valuable to humans, kills guinea pigs.

The government introduced new rules about the use of animals in experiments in Scientists claim that these rules safeguard animals because they state that discomfort must be kept to a minimum and that painkillers must be used where necessary and appropriate. Surely this means, however, that scientists can still decide not to use painkillers in the animal experiments because they do not consider them appropriate.

There is also more long-term sickness, even though greater numbers of animals are being used in research. They also argue that experiments on animals have been very useful in the past. For instance, the lives of ten million human diabetics have been saved because of experiments with insulin on dogs.

Dogs also benefited, as the same drug can be used on them. In fact, a third of medicines used by vets are the same as those used by doctors.

These tests do not show how the drugs work on whole animals and so they only have limited effectiveness. Alternative methods do work. Various groups have been set up to put money into other ways of researching. For example the Dr. Hadwen Trust has shown how human cartilage can be grown in test tubes to study rheumatism. Similar research is being done into cancer and multiple sclerosis. Tests can be done on bacteria to see whether a chemical will cause cancer.

There is even a programme of volunteer human researchers, where people suffering from illnesses offer to help in research.

Now that you have read the essay and, hopefully, written down some ideas in response to the questions, look over the following commentson the essay. The comments are presented as answers to the questions provided. This way you can check your own ideas against them. Discursive essay is more like a debate where the writer gets to argue on a fact or two and prove his or her point flamboyantly.

Before you comprehend the minute details of how to write a discursive essay, you must apprehend that the approach of writing must be informative and unbiased. Subsequent to this, follow the outline of a perfect discursive essay. In case, your assigned topic has a much bigger aspect or it has multiple courses to define, choose a fragment or a single course for your paper. You must remember that professors appreciate detailed writing rather than a vast and clumsy draft.

Before you begin to write on the topic, you need to define it first. At this point, you have to decide your bank and build your opinions based on that. Remember, on a controversial matter, you cannot speak from both the fronts. Conventional ways are gone long before! Now if you start with a bold and flat description on the topic, no one feels interested. You have to make the essay seem interrogative so that the readers can easily connect with your style of writing. A discursive essay must have the following elements —.

The introductory paragraphs happen to be crisp and definite. Unless you build it in a striking way, your readers may tune out then and there. Here you must initiate with interactive statements, slowly move into the essential points, and end the opening paragraph with a strong thesis statement that highlights the significance of the topic. Make sure you do not input a bias statement on the topic in this section. Here you have to speak fluently on two or more aspects of the theme. Even for a single point if you miss the evidence, the essay falls flat immediately.

This section is directly proportional to your selection of topic. The more you choose a topic close to your interest zone, the better its foundation becomes.

Convincing the readers on your point of view is one of the most crucial tasks incorporated with discursive essay writing. Producing incoherent and irrelevant logic does not solidify your opinions. You need definite specifications at the corners where you are arguing on. Prepare your counterarguments as you proceed with the researching.

Make sure that your points are all valid and strong enough to defeat every counter question. Choose points cleverly that are difficult to argue against and insert them intelligently so that the readers find it interesting. Your points of arguments must descend in order from the strongest to least supportive ones.

The points mentioned below will help you become better in writing a discursive essay. If you have followed the above points, you will surely find it much easier to write a discursive essay at your school, college or university life.

Good discursive essay topics will force you to review all aspects and viewpoints of a particular subject matter, allowing you to think deeper and more critical. Topics for discursive essays are wide and varied.

Below is a comprehensive list of 50 ideas for discursive essays that you can refer to any time. A good discursive essay topic is one in which you can be both passionate and objective about. Choosing a discursive essay topic that you are passionate about will enable you to have a lot of content for the essay. However, you must also be able to be objective so as not to create biases that can affect your ability to appropriately weigh the pros and cons of the subject matter.

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"Discursive writing does not argue for or against a point throughout the essay". Knowing in advance which points you will discuss will help during the actual writing process. Make sure that each point has a counterargument.

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Discursive writing is a good way to learn how to structure an argument logically and to anticipate and counter the arguments of the other side. The following are guidelines recommended by on how to write a good discursive essay.

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