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Executive Summary

Executive Summary (Benchmark Assessment) Essay Sample

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Learn about executive summaries and how to write them.
Essay title: Executive Summary
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APA style and resources are also addressed. Skip to Main Content. Executive Summaries Learn about executive summaries and how to write them. Try to sum this up in two or three sentences. Most reports and papers have a reason, or a goal beyond just fulfilling an assignment. Perhaps the report supports a change of opinion, new direction, or course of action.

Try to summarize this in two or three sentences. Are there sections, or divisions, within the document? If so, which ones are the most important, or most crucial, to an understanding of the document?

The kinds of documents that require executive summaries usually contain sections, or subtopics that support the main topic. There may even be headings that indicate what the sections will discuss.

Try to decide which ones are necessary to an understanding of the issue at hand, and which ones can be left out. Does the document make a recommendation or suggest a certain course of action? Some documents argue in favor of a change, or urge the reader to follow a particular course of action. If this is the case, you can almost always find this information in the introduction or conclusion of a report, and the body of the report may discuss it in detail. Now you have to convince the reader that you have come up with a unique solution for the big problem.

If you deliver these two ingredients, you'll have the makings of a great idea. No longer will drivers of America have to stand at a red stoplight for minutes while the green light blinks for no cars in the other direction. Talk about market potential. Elaborate on the big problem by providing stats for your industry. Be careful not to pretend that you have a larger market than you do!

Break it down to a realistic market potential. Incorporate your unique selling proposition. This is where you elaborate on your unique solution. What specifically gives your product or service an advantage over the competition? Maybe your home health care service actually sends doctors to the home instead of just nurse practitioners, or maybe you guarantee same day visits so that you don't have to schedule ahead of time.

Point out why you are special. When a light is left on in an empty room, it automatically shuts off and turns back on again when it detects motion in the room. This saves the customer money on their electrical bill and wastes less energy.

Talk about your business model, if necessary. Some executive summaries will not need a business model. Nonprofits, not for profits, and NGOs probably won't have a business plan. But if yours does, your business model needs to be clear and easy to follow.

Essentially, you are answering the question, "How will you get people to take dollars out of their wallet and give them to you? A quick summary is all that is needed. Discuss your management team, if necessary. Depending on what industry you are in, this can be one of the most important parts of your executive summary. Your investors or bankers are putting trust in the team, not the idea. Ideas are easy to come by, but executing on those ideas can only be accomplished with a strong team.

Quickly show why your team has the experience and knowledge to execute your business plan. Provide financial projections to support your claims. Based on your market, your business model, and your historical performance, you need to develop a bottom-up financial forecast. The point of your projections is simply to demonstrate your competence, and your ability to build financial projections based on a sound set of assumptions.

If your plan is for a group of investors, don't spend too much time on this section because they know that you have no idea how much money you might make. They will essentially make their own financial projections. Ease in to your request.

Now it's time to request either an investment or loan, depending on the purpose of the executive summary. You should restate why your company provides value. Remind the reader of the big pain that you are solving and your market potential. Finally reemphasize your team and its ability to get the job done. Ask for the dollar amount needed to reach the next major milestone for your business. Don't disclose how much equity you are willing to give up or what interest rate you are willing to pay.

This should be done later through face-to-face negotiation. When you have written the basics, reread it carefully. You should proofread the summary with extra care. While you are rereading, also consider your audience for the document. Make sure any new references are explained and that the language will be clear to someone who is new to this topic. Have a pair of fresh eyes reread your executive summary, paying special attention to: Are the words clear, the ideas clearer, and the summary devoid of jargon?

Grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors may abound. Having someone fact-check the figures and statistics might be a good ideal as well. Do the ideas translate into a stirring pitch? Where does the pitch fall flat, if at all? What parts don't fit together? Method 2 Quiz What is an example of a good "grab"? Your president or project manager's experience and history.

How much money you have already made. A public testimonial from someone in the industry. Your offers of equity. Sample Executive Summary Outline.

References should be in the main body of a report or included in the bibliography or appendices. Not Helpful 7 Helpful There's no specific way to end it. It's very straightforward and minimalistic. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. How do I write an executive report to a TV channel manager?

Answer this question Flag as Should Executive Summary also include footnotes since citations are already included in body of report?

How do I write an Executive Summary for a parish? Where to place an executive summary in an academic paper? Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Quick Summary To write an executive summary, start by reading through the original document thoroughly.

Did this summary help you? Tips The busier the executive, the less he or she will probably read. Try the document templates available with most word processing software that can help you get started. These same four areas can be used for executive summaries in a variety of business settings. Executive summaries may vary with the length of the document, but they should always be relatively brief.

Your aim is to pack as much information into a minimum to moderate amount of reading. If you do include details in your summary, place the most important points, such as your conclusions and recommendations, first.

Sources and Citations http: Business Writing In other languages: Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 1,, times. Did this article help you?

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An executive summary is designed for readers who are unfamiliar with the technical details of your subject, and who might not be able to understand the paper itself. Summarize the paper's contents and implications in a .

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Free executive summary papers, essays, and research papers.

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executive summary essay  EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report provides an evaluation and analysis of the profitability, liquidity, capital structure, asset management, working capital and stock price of Pensonic Holdings Bhd. Methods of analysis include trend, horizontal and vertical analyses as well as ratios such as Debt, Current, and Quick ratios. Essay title: Executive Summary The organization that I selected for my formal research report was The Republic Newspaper. I have a strong opinion about the biased nature of their reporting, but I wanted to see if this was a fair opinion/5(1).

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We will write a custom essay sample on Executive Summary specifically for you for only $ $/page. Order now The target audiences are psychotic, depressed, and detoxing patients. With psychotic patients that are on multiple psychotropic medications it is important to constantly be educating on the side effects of the medication such as. Executive Summary. For this assignment, you will write a –word Executive Summary of your policy brief. Similar to an Abstract written for academic research papers, the Executive Summary concisely states the purpose of the brief and your recommended policy solution.