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Goodnight Mr Tom

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❶Both Tom and William are examples of the resilience of the human spirit. Willie is overwhelmed at the diversity from his life in London.

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Tom had before him. He felt like half of himself had been cut away, that life without Zach was only half a life and even that half was empty. Tom, he is challenged to explore the meaning of home and love. When William first arrives in Little Wierwold, Mr. Tom is shocked at the bruises and marks covering his body. Tom is not only outraged at the physical scarring this evacuee has been caused by his mother but also by the mental and physiological pain he has endured.

William has been brainwashed to think that he is disobedient, disliked, full of sin and worthless causing him to have extremely low self-esteem. However, the love, care and joy discovered by Will during his time with Mr. Tom, has a much greater impact than anything his mother may ever had implied to him. It is made clear to the reader throughout the novel that William has discovered the true meaning of home while staying with Mr.

Tom and the impact both words and actions can have on people. From a young child, never having experienced friendship or family, the experience of close and loving relationships is very new to William.

When Thomas Oakley welcomes Will into his home and provides him with much needed care and compassion, William almost does not know how to react. However as William develops throughout the novel, he begins to respond well to this care as he learns to love not only others around him, but himself.

Tom, I love you. Tom , Michelle Magorian explores the impact that war and conflict can have on individuals and others around them. While this impact is obviously going to be life changing, the reader is challenged to consider the irony of whether this change can possibly be a positive one.

Through the themes of death and grieving, home, and friendship and family, the author develops the readers understanding of the impact of war and conflict on the two main protagonists in the novel. At the height of WW2, William, a young boy who lives in London, is sent to the countryside to escape the onslaught of London. He lives with Mr. William has been abused physically and emotionally by his mother who believes that people are evil and to bring them closer to God, they must be punished continually for their sins.

He treats him with kindness and understanding. He educates him and helps him to make friends in the town. William takes a turn for the better, making friends and becoming particularly close with Zach, a fellow evacuee who is Jewish. Tom is also transformed by William being under his care. We find that he lost his wife and infant son to scarlet fever years earlier and became a recluse after this loss.

She claims she has been sick, and when William returns, he believes he can help his mother to recover. She hits William on the head and knocks him out. When he comes to, he has been locked under the stairs, tied to a set of pipes with the baby in his arms. Tom meanwhile has a premonition that something is wrong with William.

He ventures out of his town for the first time and makes his way to London. When he does, they are greeted with a horrific stench. They discover William and the baby, who has died. William goes to the hospital, but he is under heavy sedation to keep him calm and from screaming and disturbing the other children in the ward. The authorities finally trace Tom, and they tell William that his mother has died.

She committed suicide by drowning. Tom steps in and agrees to keep William as they finally feel like family. Tom, William, and Zach take a brief holiday by the sea.

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I have recently read a novel "Goodnight Mr Tom" by Michelle Magorian. This novel is set in the past yet deals with issues relevant to contemporise society. This novel is about a young evacuee (William Beech) who is being sent to a village in the country called Little Weirwold. William is being 3/5(3).

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Evacuating children to the country was seen as a kind and protective action to prevent them being killed or injured in the blitz. However, for some children, the move could be negative and frightening whilst for those such as William Beech it would prove a beneficial event.

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Goodnight Mister Tom Theme: Growing Growing is a central theme in Michelle Magorian’s Goodnight Mister Tom. The main character William “Will” Beech grows in many ways including he grows physically, he grows with his knowledge, and he grows in terms of his abilities. Good Night, Mr. Tom essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Good Night, Mr. Tom by Michelle Magorian. Kindly Influence and Personal Healing in 'Goodnight Mister Tom'.

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Goodnight Mr Tom Essay. Practice Essay – Goodnight Mr - Goodnight Mr Tom Essay introduction. Tom * Compose an essay explaining the impact of war and conflict on the main characters * Main themes: determination, love, strength to overcome grief. In Michelle Magorians cute and heart warming novel “ Goodnight Mister Tom” the protagonist Willie experiences dramatic changes and exciting if not terrifying events throughout the course of the story.