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Minimum Legal Drinking Age Essay

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❶These are just a few of the reasons that the Minimum Legal Drinking Age act of should be repealed and the Minimum Legal Drinking Age should be at age As several posters here on this thread have succinctly pointed out, alcohol simply adds more negativity to already shaky situations, if one gets the drift.

21 as the Legal Drinking Age: Why It Works

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Should America lower the drinking age?
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Binge drinking is very unhealthy and dangerous compared to moderate drinking, obviously. Careless drinking like this can lead to memory damage and even damage to learning capabilities.

There is science on both sides of the question. Solely just presenting possibilities, as for the decrease number of high school students who consume alcohol, the amount of binge drinking among college students has increased. For example, a correlation of a selected group shows that the bigger the hand one has, the smaller the feet they will have. This makes the 21 restriction seem anachronistic. Giving young adults the privilege to drink can possibly result in a similar outcome.

Going back to our European peers, the rate of alcohol related diseases are about the same here in the states compared to that in Europe. McCardell has credibility on this topic due to the fact that he is a former college professor and president, and is now a vice-chancellor at the University of the South, who has personally seen the way teenagers on a college campus drink and has an idea what will help with this issue.

Lowering the drinking age would teach teenagers moderation. The best we can do is try to contain it. The age group with the highest number of infractions including wrecks was the twenty-one to twenty-five year-old group at As far as fatal crashes go, the highest percent of drunk drivers that were involved in a fatal car crash was the group of year olds.

Driving under the influence of alcohol was associated with age in The rate was highest among persons aged 21 to 25 Beyond age 25, these rates showed a general decline with increasing age. Many other western have long had a much more lenient attitude toward alcohol and alcoholic beverages. In many countries, such as Germany, there are very few drunk driving incidents whatsoever. In these countries parents often consume alcoholic beverages with their children, including beer or wine in countries like France.

By the time Europeans are allowed to drive they have been educated on the effects of alcohol and have been consuming alcohol for several years.

Safe alcohol consumption should the same way as safe sex practices and drivers education classes. Lowering the Minimum Legal Drinking Age will cause the teens who drink to rebel against their authorities to not drink as much due to it not being rebellious.

Until a solution is agreed upon about whether the drinking age should be lowered, or stay at the age of 21, this will remain a controversial topic. Using these strategies in this essay works well to effectively persuade every single viewer that underage drinking is in fact a problem, and is attributed to the current law not allowing people to buy or consume alcohol under the age of This would prevent an increased number of alcohol related deaths due to underage binge drinking in the future.

These are just a few of the reasons that the Minimum Legal Drinking Age act of should be repealed and the Minimum Legal Drinking Age should be at age Moreover, statistical evidence now proves the fallacies in the argument that a higher minimum drinking age deters automobile deaths.

Thus, as young people faced with the challenges of the future, we must acknowledge that the drinking age has far less effect on alcohol-related deaths than the way in which these deaths occur themselves. It is important that young Americans address these issues with their policymakers and legislative bodies.

Changing the drinking age is something that will not come easy; a great deal of federal funds rest on state assurance and compliance to maintaining a year-old drinking age. However, it is important that active Americans understand their constitutional rights, and fight for an year-old minimum drinking age. No one should be able to fight in war, vote, and own their own property without having the ability to drink or purchase alcohol legally.

Moving forward, it is our job to alter this longstanding trend. Review and Analyses of the Literature from to Journal of Studies on Alcohol. A Test with Collegiate Drinking. This blog post is provided free of charge and we encourage you to use it for your research and writing. However, we do require that you cite it properly using the citation provided below in MLA format.

Ultius Blog, 25 May. Click here for more help with MLA citations.

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- 40 percent of children who begin drinking before the age of 15 will become alcoholics at some point in their lives. (Alcoholism) Alcohol consumption is one of the leading causes of death and injury among teenagers (Alcoholism).

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Apr 06,  · This is the main reason the legal drinking age has not been lower below 21 years of age.a large number of the general population desires a lower drinking age. In the 25 years since the legal drinking age was set at 21, seven states have tried to lower it. Why the Legal Drinking Age Should Go back down to 18 Again Essay - Did you know that the legal age for drinking alcohol was eighteen years of age until In the legal drinking age became twenty-one years of age. Shouldn’t the legal consumption age amongst Americans be dropped to the permitted age of adulthood, eighteen years.

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The Minimum Legal Drinking Age should be lowered to age eighteen. When you turn eighteen in the United States of America you are legally considered an adult. Until the Minimum Legal Drinking Age act you were allowed (at least in some states) to buy alcohol when you wanted. “the legal drinking age has no perceptible influence on fatalities, but inexperience in drinking is an apparent risk factor independent of age” (Asch & Levy, ).5/5(6).