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Health and Fitness Essay | Short and Long Paragraphs for all Class

Long and Short Essay on Health and Fitness in English

❶I feel the importance of health should be included in everyones daily lives. Wellness is a synonym of health, however I would define it as living a happy, healthy lifestyle with little or no health issues.

Fitness and Health

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Benefits of Healthy Diet, healthyforms. Sustaining a healthy diet is an essential part of leading a longer more vibrant life.

The 5 Key Benefits of eating healthy, ezinearticles. Sustaining a healthy diet is not the only thing to keep in mind, being physically active is equally important.

Being active may not always be fun, but the benefits will be worth it in the long run. Being active not only improves health and fitness but it also improves posture and balance, boosts the mood, helps one sleep, makes one stronger, reduces stress and controls the risk of heart disease, such as diabetes. It also protects people from a stroke, some types of cancer, lowers blood pressure and reduces anxiety and depression.

Benefits of Being Active, health. As mentioned earlier, child obesity rates are rising at a rapid pace. This is due to the fact that unhealthy foods cost significantly less than healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. Obesity as young kids and the food eating habits that they get into, carry into their adult life, leading to adult obesity.

Being overweight can lead to cardiovascular disease such as a higher blood pressure, more likely to develop diabetes, and are at a greater risk for bone and joint problems because the body carrying more weight than it is equipped for.

Sleep apnea, social and psychological problems, and a low self esteem are also causes of an unhealthy diet. Dental problems are another thing that comes with unhealthy eating. Eating too much candy, or foods with lots of sugar and not enough other nutrients can lead to tooth decay and cavities. Another thing that many people are not aware of is the mood swings that come from unhealthy eating.

Diets that do not include enough vitamins and minerals can lead to people suffering severe mood swings. The body may become overly energetic and easily excitable only to crash later. In addition, a lack of vitamin B can lead to the hormone levels in the brain to be unbalanced, which can induce depression. What are the Consequences of not Eating Healthy, ehow. For example muscle atrophy is a cause of a lack of exercise.

Muscle atrophy is a medical term that describes the process of your muscles breaking down or wasting away because they are not being exercised to their full capacity. Not only do you lose muscle but you gain fatty tissue and slow down your metabolism, resulting in more weight gain.

Lack of exercise can also lead to increased levels of visceral fat, which is a fat that gets trapped inside your abdomen and is toxic because it causes heart disease and gallbladder problems, it also secrets dangerous hormones that can lead to the development of breast cancer. The heart will not waste away like an arm or leg, however fat will begin to attack it which can lead to the development of heart disease.

In , approximately 2. The Effects of Lack of Exercise on the Body, livestrong. This is why it is so important to have a balance between the two so you can avoid all the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle. To have a healthy life one must have a balance between eating healthy, and exercising, however treating oneself ever once in awhile is not a sin.

Everything needs to be done in moderation. With the busy lives of people these days it can be hard to remember or consciously think about what we are putting into our mouths, or the amount of exercise we have gotten that day, which is why it is so easy to slip through the cracks. Benefits From Healthy Eating, livestrong. The vitamins, minerals and nutrients are crucial to our lives and offer many health benefits that many may not be aware of.

Benefits of a Healthy Diet, liveforms. Both of these things lower the risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure, helps sleep, and improves ones mood, leading them away from depression and anxiety.

It has been proven in studies that a more fit company will achieve longer hours and have greater success with clients and human relations. This is made true with the idea that when an individual is happy with their body, then their mind will follow and in turn helps their appearance and social attitude. Also with a more in shape body, the endurance and length of energy through the day is greater, allowing more work to be accomplished without as many delays due to fatigue.

So what is the answer you may ask?. The answer is the need for a personal trainer who is qualified in this area to help the corporate people with fitness and nutrition. This person will help set goals, establish the correct diets and routines for each person. Since everybody is different, the trainer must know a great deal about the different areas of fitness.

This trainer must not only be educated in the area but also take part in what he teaches and maintain a healthy and athletic physique. The clients want to be able to look at the instructor as a role model and a goal oriented person as well. This paper discusses the importance of family health and fitness, focusing particularly on the importance of regular physical acti In fourteen pages this research paper discusses the impact of physical education on children's health and fitness This problem is one that does not look like it will go away in the near future.

It is also an emotionally sensitive The writer looks at the scenario of a new health and fitness club that is looking at opening in the UK. The writer looks at differ Noting that it is not easy to establish a method for controlling self-selection into When discussing aerobic exercise, in terms of how it is achieved for fitness levels, th In five pages the reasons behind and benefits of belonging to a gym or health club are examined in terms of physical appearance, h It is by understanding leadership and its influences that the way leadership may be encouraged and developed in the con This paper addresses ways to promote fitness and healthy lifestyles in the US.

The author includes a brief history of physical fit

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Health and Fitness Essay 3 ( words) Health is a very important aspect in the life of everyone. Nothing is more important than health and fitness for any human being.

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Essay On The Importance of Physical Fitness Article shared by The popular saying “health is wealth” gives a large meaning to our life as health is considered the most valuable and precious for every individual.

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Physical fitness means the condition of being physically healthy, especially exercises and proper nutrition it even includes being mentally healthy. It is the reason, a state of general well-being marked by physical health and mental stability. Mar 09,  · Topics for essay on health and fitness Coming up with a good essay topic depends on individual interest, the background of the subject and the instructor's recommendations. The thought of writing an essay is one of the biggest challenges for students because they do not which topic is appropriate. Possible Topics for Health and Fitness.

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General fitness In its most general meaning, physical fitness is a general state of good physical health. A physically handicapped person's body may be physically fit (healthy), though its ability is likely to be less. Apr 08,  · Rachel Messer Miss. O’Rourke Writing March 26th Relevance of Health and Fitness From a young age it is preached that being healthy and fit are critical to having a strong long life, however the amount of people that have the will power to take action in these parts of their lives are getting.